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Contractor Assist
Construction Site Rules
1. Construction is permitted Monday-Saturday 8:00AM to 5:00PM
2. Gate access is available 8:00AM to 4:00PM on above days. No unauthorized access is permitted. Names & license plate numbers of all workers are to be provided to the gate house attendant & updated as needed.
3. Dust must be controlled. A water truck may be required &/or a sprinkler system. Dirt, gravel and sand piles must be watered. If it is too windy for adequate dust control, excavation must stop.
4. Portable restrooms must be provided on site if no existing restroom is available.
5. Materials must be stored in an orderly manner on property owners lot only. 
6. No noise is permitted outside of construction hours. Loud radios & foul language is not permitted @ any time.
7. All trash must be disposed of properly. An on site dumpster is recommended for large projects. Due to frequent high winds, special measures are often needed to eliminate wind borne debris.
8. No vehicles or equipment  may be parked on easements, roads, roadsides or common areas. No materials may be stored on these areas. Any damage to these areas will be the contractors responsibility to correct to the Association's satisfaction.
9. No smoking! This is a high fire risk area.